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What is Torche Edge?

Torche Edge allows you to borrow and pay back loans using foreign currency (FX)or Crypto stable coins as collateral.

How do I Sign up?

Visit our website at or download the App on your Google PlayStore or Apple Store. Click the Sign-Up Button and follow the preceding instructions.

How do I fund my wallet?

Your bank account is synced with your Torche account once you complete your sign-up, making it easier to fund your Torche wallet in seconds, from anywhere you are. You can fund it via Internet Banking and bank transfer, every Torche wallet comes with a unique account number from any of our partner banks.

How long does it take for my funding to reflect?

Funding via Bank Transfer typically takes 5 minutes to reflect on your Torche Wallet balance. While funding via Internet Banking reflects instantly.

Can I withdraw my balance?

You are in absolute control of where your money goes and what it does. Simply tap, wave or smile.

How do I send money to another Torche user?

Torche allows you to fund other Torche wallets with ease and share funds with other Torche users with ease.

What Currencies are accepted on Torche?

Dollars, Pounds, BUSD, and USDC.

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