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Borrow collateralized loans and pay back later

Our Edge Product makes it easy for you to take quick loans to meet your needs. Need quick cash inflow? Borrow what you need using foreign currency or crypto stable coins as collateral.


Torche Borrow Power allows you to borrow Electricity units and payback in 30 days.

How to use Edge

Ready to begin? You can use Edge in three simple steps

Securely Deposit

Securely deposit your collateral in foreign currency or crypto stable coins.

Quickly Get Cash

Get local currency (Naira) worth 50% of collateral quickly at fair exchange rates

Easily Pay Back

Simply pay back your local currency loan at 1.5% monthly interest. The best part? You control the duration of your loan!

I love Torche because it was pretty easy to sign up and use. Signing up took less than 5 minutes, which was perfect because I hate stress. It’s so convenient!

Valerie E.

CEO Ash & Grey

I found Torche through a friend who told me i could use crypto stable coins as collateral to borrow some naira when i was in a fix. I thought he was joking at first but i was pleasantly surprised to see that it worked so fast!

Tope L

Engineer, Tulip Residential

The ease of using Torche was my favorite part. It’s amazing not having to worry about exchanging money weekly; i earn in USD and i always have to change to Naira; this gives me a relief with the fluctuating inflation rates.

Temitope I

Business Development Manager, P&C

Got questions?

What is Torche Edge?

Torche Edge allows you to borrow and pay back loans using foreign currency (FX)or Crypto stable coins as collateral.

How do I Sign up?

Visit our website at or download the App on your Google PlayStore or Apple Store. Click the Sign-Up Button and follow the preceding instructions.

How do I fund my wallet?

Your bank account is synced with your Torche account once you complete your sign-up, making it easier to fund your Torche wallet in seconds, from anywhere you are. You can fund it via Internet Banking and bank transfer, every Torche wallet comes with a unique account number from any of our partner banks.

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